7. March 2018
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SINTEC S.R.L. joined the sedApta Group to expand and integrate the offer of products and software solutions for supply chain management of manufacturing industries.  Sintec S.r.l., after 25 years as a System Integrator for the Control and Supervision of Industrial Processes & MES solutions supplier, joins the sedApta Group. Together, to provide an even more detailed and complete offer, as well as consolidating and protecting relations with current customers.

About Sintec: born in 1992 from a group of technicians who for years worked in the automation and process control. Each of them has contributed with his own experience to the formation of an high and complete know-how, in the field of systems engineering and industrial software development. Since 1992, the Sintec technical team has played the role of “System Integrator” in different companies, both medium and large.

“We immediately shared the sedApta approach in dealing with the market, first characterized in “dive” into the customer’s needs and problems, then making their experiences and skills available in searching for the best solutions, and finally propose, if appropriate, its technologies and services.” (Alberto Chin, CEO Sintec)

“We are excited to add Sintec to our subsidiaries. Together we will expand the integrated supply chain of products and services that will allow us to support our customers in the evolution path towards Industry 4.0.” (Giorgio Cuttica, president of SedApta Group).

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