6. April 2018
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SedApta concept will manage TXTMake business.

sedApta is pleased to announce the creation of sedApta concept GmbH.

Starting from April, the 1st 2018 sedApta concept will continue the TXTMake business, distributing TXTMake products under license, providing maintenance and support services as well as professional services and making further product developments.
In this regard we inform that as of April 1st 2018 Mr. Bernd Naether, formerly Managing director of Aptos Germany GmbH, will take the role of Managing Director of sedApta concept GmbH.

„We are very proud and delighted, to find with sedApta a strong partner whose focus and expertise are concentrated on the innovative global marketplace of Industry 4.0. Together we can offer an extensive portfolio of solutions for manufacturing companies in various industries (i.e. for discrete Manufacturing, Food & Beverage and Fashion/Textile). Our team with more then 25 years ongoing experience in that business is high motivated to join the sedApta Group.“ (Bernd Näther, Managing Director of sedApta concept GmbH)

With this operation, sedApta will now have the opportunity to focus more on the development and marketing of innovative S&OP products and Industry 4.0 solutions, an area in which the company already plays an emerging role at European level. With this aim in mind, sedApta has now more than 50 experts active on German market lead by two companies: sedApta advenco and sedApta concept.

Led by Giorgio Cuttica, a long-running business man, sedApta is an international software
provider based in Genoa, Italy. Through its subsidiaries and its partner network, sedApta has quickly expanded to become a key player in the innovative global market of Industry 4.0.

„We are very pleased with this operation, which will enable us to accelerate our growth on the German market and bring strong synergies to our solutions, expanding our operational potential“ (Giorgio Cuttica, President of sedApta Group)

Contact Info

sedApta concept – Neefestraße 88, 09116 Chemnitz, DE
Tel. +49 371 40013-90
Email: marketing@sedapta-concept.com
Web: www.sedapta.de

sedApta Group – Via Dino Col 4N – Italy
Tel. +39 010 307 0911
Email: marketing@sedapta.com
Web: www.sedapta.com


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