key2make – Production Planning & Execution


Networking of PPS-MES-ERP

Real-time customer order planning, optimization and monitoring across the entire supply chain


What means key2make?

• key2make is a configurable, modular END-TO-END Solution for manufacturing companies.
• key2make supports continuous planning from sales to the machine.
• key2make connects PPS/MES with master planning, purchasing/warehousing/sales and process control directly at the machine.

An END-TO-END solution for manufacturing companies


What does key2make offer?

Production planning, material planning and capacity planning. Freely configurable and user-related planning views enable target-performance comparisons as well as what-if scenarios of different planning versions within the master planning, which is a flexible planning module for medium- and long-term planning.

Creating, planning and visualizing production orders.

Control station. Detailed planning with real-time simulation and optimization run, including setup optimization. Configurable graphic representations, such as planning table and hall view.

Order processing/PDA. PDA terminals support functions for material issue, picking, progress and fault messages as well as the printing of production papers. Barcode or handheld scanners simplify feedback as well as automated reporting functions.

Mobile applications. Use in warehouse and production.

Process connection. The process connection to the machine is made via OPC and serves to provide process parameters, the receipt of progress messages and/or quality data.

ERP-Funkcions. Procurement – Order process, goods receipt, invoice receipt
                             Warehouse – Warehouse management, inventory management and valuation
                             Sales –  Offer- and customer order management, delivery, invoicing (including accounting interface)

Clients, variants, batches, parameters, lot sizes. Master data for bills of materials and work plans at article and variant level.

Reports & KPI. Visualization of current efficiency in comparison with defined KPIs (e.g. MES key figures such as OEE and efficiency).

Solution portfolio key2make

Industry focus key2make

  • Fashion & Textilen
  • Food & Beverage
  • Discrete Manufacturing

What are benefits for our customers?

  • Increase in planning qualityResource optimization
  • Faster response to customer requirements
  • Reduction of throughput times and increase in delivery reliability
  • Increased transparency and traceability
  • Reduction of inventories
  • Reduction of production errors
  • Reduction of manual data entry