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Jargon free, intuitive and user friendly interface
which can also be used on mobile devices.

With key2operate you receive an easily configurable standard system which matches your requirements in the production industry.

Through the extensive deployment options of key2operate, a wide variety of business processes in production and logistics can be configured allowing simple, menu controlled, workflow driven task completion. Whether you use static devices or mobile interfaces such as smartphones, tablets, barcode- or RFID-scanners key2operate guarantees flexibility both online and off.

Because we want you to achieve optimal production. Without limits and completely tailored to your requirements.

key2operate is the flexible allrounder for the management of your business process.


  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Order management
  • Material management
  • Production tracing
  • Machine Data Acquistion (MDA)
  • Plant Data Acquistion (PDA)
  • Collection and evaluation of operating numbers

Production execution and product traceability are a sequence of semi-automated and manual activities in many production areas and often — even today — these are controlled by printed documents.

With key2operate, these manual activities and procedures can be “automated” and informational feedback can be recorded directly.

In this way multiple entry of identical data can be eliminated, also the offline mode removes issues with network discontinuities. This leads to a seamless coordination of the people and systems involved in production.

key2operate collects, archives and manages all the data required in real time to ensure safe, stable and traceable production. In addition it collects statistical data and provides tools to allow efficiency and production analysis.

The system guides the user through the processes and can support them with any additional material such as online help or documentation and instructions. This makes for a smoother running manufacturing environment.

Whilst with paper documentation each assignment has to be manually entered into the IT-system once it is completed, key2operate communicates directly with the system without further manual effort. Through this, input errors can be reduced, lag times can be minimized and lead times reduced.

key2operate can be connected to a preexisting system to close functional gaps or it can be used on its own as a complete production management system (MES, MOM).

  • Exception handling
  • Sampling
  • Capturing quality control data
  • Analysis of sample data
  • Laboratory management

Quality control is of paramount importance in many production areas and especially where the process is well defined, such as in the chemical and food industries. Very often, sample probing is performed at specific points in the production procedure so that the running process can be evaluated. Frequently this sampling is carried out as a manual activity by the user in conjunction with the quality assurance department.

key2operate assists these tasks by providing concrete workflows and directions to ensure samples are collected in a comparable manner. It eases the collection of additional information such as sample source, batch number, time etc. In this manner it ensures error free data and consistency in sampling. The information collected by key2operate, e.g. via code scanning, is automatically sent to the quality control system and as such provides important input for product tracing.

  • Inventory control in production
  • Recording of storage locations and geo-position
  • Goods-in / goods-out
  • Consignment / picking
  • Supply and deliveries management
  • Inventory

Logistics and inventory management are of great importance. Warehousing costs account for a significant fraction of the total costs for each firm. To deliver goods at the lowest possible price it is important to keep on site storage quantities and lead times as low as possible.

For goods-in/goods-out and order-picking tasks a large amount of data is required which is not always directly available for the personnel involved. It is however, a high priority to keep the location and available quantities of each resource up to date and to transfer this information to the operatives who require it.

In addition to this, time sensitive data such as shelf life need to be taken into consideration. Also the available space has to be used efficiently and close to maximum potential whilst maintaining a low store and retrieval response time. Systematic goods-in via a chaotic schema and goods-out via the FIFO principal can easily be applied using key2operate.

Frequently the personnel in the warehouse use lists, whether on paper or in excel, in other cases they receive data from a static terminal in a single location. This causes an information transferral latency between the moving of physical resources and them becoming available for the next stage in the process. In many cases a worker will process multiple items on a worklist before coming back to the terminal to update the system with the results. The speed and quality of these activities is solely dependant on the individual doing the work.

With key2operate an entire inventory control system can be modelled or in cases where an inventory tracking system is already in place, the individual tasks can be modelled to interface with the current system. This methodology provides the operatives with all the information that they need, updated in real time, and also allows them to feed data back to the system rapidly. In this manner the operatives can be shown the shortest route to the next item and where other items of the same type lie and what the shelf lifes are for them.

key2operate ensures that the warehousing operations are carried out quickly and with the highest quality, independent of which operative performs the task.

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Fault data collection

Maintenance activities are normally planned in special maintenance management systems, whereas the tasks required to complete each activity are normally physical procedures. These are carried out by maintenance personnel, often in predefined inspection rounds.
key2operate supports these maintenance jobs by allowing the engineers to communicate directly with the management system. It also acts as an input system for planning further work. Key tasks are defined as workflows and are linked with additional information such as instructions and documentation to help the maintenance personnel work to an exact standard as safely as possible.

The user is guided through the facility and activities and all feedback is captured by the system without the need for further effort. To this end key2operate supports the operator with information such as identification of location and current values for the affected unit and best practice documentation for the current task. Start and end times are collected automatically for traceability and auditability.

Tasks that are completed outside of the wireless network area are recorded and as soon as the mobile device used during the task returns to an area covered by the wifi, or returned to a docking station, all the data that has been collected during the inspection round is communicated to the server from where they can be transferred to the maintenance management system.

  • User guidance
  • User training

Personnel training is of great importance wherever goods are manufactured that are subject to high safety standards. Operators have to prove their performance time and again in order to react correctly in critical situations.To be certain of this the responsible government agency, and often the producer themselves, will schedule regular training requirements for employees working in the field.
In these cases, the strict training requirements can significantly affect the availability of personnel for given production lines.

key2operate can provide a valuable resource in these situations by guiding users through training workflows on the production line, keeping track of when each user needs to complete the training to remain within the requirements and also providing the documentation to prove the users have completed it with the minimum of additional overhead for the firm.
The results can be passed to a pre-existing governing system or can be stored in key2operate directly.

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