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We want you to achieve optimal production.


Because of key2operates versatility, all requirements of your production will be met easily. Especially when financial and personnel resources are limited, it is important to have a software that can be adapted quickly and cost-effective to your inidvidual needs.
In addition, key2operate allows you to modify and configure all changes and extensions by yourself.

Jargon free, intuitive and user friendly interface which can also be used on mobile devices.

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Application use in all manual, partly automated and automated business processes in production and logistics

Modifications can be made by your own employees at any time

Easy data communication to ERP and other systems


Small effort of time and money for project realization

Investment protection: The use of software is scalable to your individual needs

Easy integration to existing IT infrastructure

…for manufacturing businesses

Business processes are transparent and recorded

Cost savings by reducing manual steps

Fast ROI because of step by step software implementation

Easy handling

Low training expenditure

Simple and flexible interfaces

Rapid Prototyping

Easy, fast and scalable


Take a look at our product portfolio. If you have any questions, do not hestitate to contact us.

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