Our Products

Sales & Operation Planning


Demand Management

improved forcasting of sales quantities.


Inventory Management

optimized stock and service level  in distribution network/supply chain.


Order Promising

optimized customer order planning.


Resource & Supply Planning

optimized demand and capacity planning.


Web Supply Engine

collaborative and web-based integration of suppliers and contractors.


Manufacturing Operations Management


Factory Scheduling

optimized  job order planning for ressources and sites, with consideration of staff, material and tool availability.

Real Time Web Scheduling

meet your efficiency goals, optimize your production and customer service levels.

Shop Floor Monitor

transparent operating figures based monitoring  of sequences in production und logistics.

Smart Asset Management

management of maintenance sequences.


Networking of PPS-MES-ERP
An END-TO-END Solution for manufacturing companies.



Industry 4.0 & Change Management



orchastration of process steps


measurement of performance and usage of new processes.


Training and supporting of user in introduction new software processes- and systems.


Manufacturing Applications Platform



Framework to build specific (mobile) applications for production and logistics.