Real Time Web Scheduling


Visualize and modify the production plan



Real Time Web Scheduling  is the sedApta Suite web component that allows each planner to intervene on a production plan, to optimize the part of the plan related to the whole factory or just one specific area, considering also unexpected events (new order priorities, machine downtimes, etc).

The Real Time Web Scheduling can be used in different ways based on production environments:

  • Discrete production environments: In the discrete manufacturing the real time web scheduler is used to optimize the scheduling plan of the different departments of a plant based on the planning data coming from the factory scheduling.
  • Process production environment: In the process industry the real time web scheduler optimizes the production sequence based on planned work orders coming from the MRP.


Multi Simulation, Algorithms & Heuristics

Real Time Web Scheduling allows the creation of scenarios based on different heuristics and supporting the what-if analysis.

It provides the possibility to run sedApta scheduling algorithm or performing custom algorithms.

The scheduling settings allow the definition of scheduling horizon, frozen period and additional important parameters (such as material management, priorities management, machines routings, orders launch dates)

Important elements of the user GUI are icons and colors to simplify the analysis and interaction.

Real Time Web Scheduling has a friendly user interface that guides the planner in the analysis and manual forcing of the plan. During the scheduling operations the system checks the defined constraints, e.g. materials, tools, teams, sequences. Warnings are visualized in case of constraints violation.



What are the Benefits?

  • Generate work plans feasible and optimized.
  • Increase quality and timeliness of suppliers prompting.
  • Decrease waiting time for each machine.
  • Decrease time for plant tooling.
  • Decrease WIP.
  • Immediate update of the work plan when perturbations occur.
  • Available via web.