Demand Management


Improve Your Sales Forecast Accuracy



Adopting software tools to support demand planning and management processes can bring great benefits to your Company such as, for example, improvements of service level, stock and purchasing costs reductions, optimization of seasonal stocks and productive and logistic resources distribution, and optimization of single branches and warehouses stock levels.

Demand Management is the sedApta Suite component capable of ensuring the achievement of these important strategical advantages by supporting demand analysis and forecasting activities through its three modules:

  • Sales Forecast & Analysis, for demand planning based on historical sales data.
  • Sales Plan, for demand optimization through the generation of simulated scenarios.
  • Sales Collaboration, for the collaborative generation of  sales forecasts adapted to Your company’s organizational structure.


The main features that allows Demand Management to be the perfect tool for the management of Your demand forecast processes are:

  • Propose sales forecast curves based on a mathematical study of historical series. The best fit curve is achieved through the automatic examination of different algorithms and different configurable aggregation levels.
  • Possibility to reach consensus forecasts through the progressive involvement of the whole sales network. These sales forecasts are calculated by means of statistical models and by integrating budget targets, and can be generated not only through the desktop version but also through the  Sales Collaboration Web Module.


What are the Benefits?

  • Forecast accuracy improvement.
  • Whole company involvement, from sales network to supply chain, production and purchasing, in order to achieve the consensus forecast
  • Ease in the simulation and planning of new products, new markets and new sales channels introduction.
  • Prompt reaction to market perturbations.
  • Supply cost reduction, due to  forecast temporal depth and accuracy.
  • Safety stock level planning improvement.