Inventory Management


Optimize stock levels in the logistical-distribution chain



Optimize customer service levels and product stocks is essential for manufacturing companies.
Inventory Management is the advanced system for the definition of the infinite capacity replenishment plans through the analysis of:

  • Sales forecasts and their reliability.
  • Target service level
  • Orders
  • Stocks
  • Replenishments

Inventory Management is the sedApta Suite component capable of ensuring the achievement of these important strategical advantages by supporting these analysis through its two modules:

  • Inventory Optimization, through the calculation of optimum safety stock by means of a mathematical engine. It allows You to achieve the agreed service level in compliance with forecast curves reliability and financial and logistic parameters.
  • Inventory Control through a general purpose engine that provides visibility of independent demand (e.g. sales forecast, budget, customer orders), service level, stock targets, stock status and released work orders. Inventory Control also determines the replenishment plan for different nodes in the logistic network.


The main features that allows Inventory Management to be the perfect tool for optimizing Your stock levels are:

  • Project monthly profiles of target stock, finding the best trade-off while taking service level, coverage depth, and inventory cost into account.
  • Configure different coverage policies at different product / market aggregation levels and calculate target stock  for every logical node in the distribution network.
  • Generate a Master Production Schedule by conciliating monthly strategic inventory targets with real stock availability according to a set of inventory policies.
  • Calculate the replenishment plan for every logical node in the logistic network and allow a top-down and bottom-up analysis of stock coverage, replenishment, and trends.
  • Force service levels, safety stock, target stock and replenishment values.


What are the Benefits?

  • Service-level improvement and inventory cost control.
  • Warehouse management cost reduction.
  • Supply cost reduction.
  • Production and logistic resource employment improvement.
  • Seasonal stock planning.
  • Unsold merchandise reduction.