Resource & Supply Planning


Finite capacity production planning



Resource & Supply Planning is the sedApta Suite component which supports Production Planning processes, which entitles improvements and optimization objectives such as Customer service, reliability of the planning process, logistic and productive sizing for the medium/long term period, long term visibility over the impact of commercial demand over internal and external productive capacity, allocation of materials based on commercial priorities.

R&SP supports users through demand planning thanks to the identification of critical phases and their optimization based on exploration rules such as “at the least”, “at the most”, and on availability of resources and materials.

Resource & Supply Planning is made of three modules:

  • Resource Capacity Planning through the evaluation of the existing capacity of physical, logical, and economic resources in order to validate demand forecast. A simulation engine allows  for the accurate dimension of the whole production system, including internal resources, suppliers, sub-contract work, and labour.
  • Capable To Promise through the simulation of the impact of  the insertion of new customer orders. Possible “Capable To Promise” delivery dates are generated, taking into account the capacity, labour and material needs required for their execution.
  • Expert Interactive Forcing through the accurate forcing of resource and labour capacity changes, the appropriate transfer from one resource to an alternative resource, the correct balance between internal and external resources, and the adequate production advance.


The main features that allows Resource & Supply Planning to be the perfect tool for the management of Your production planning processes are:

  • Manage mid- to long-term capacity planning, taking into account the constraints and lifecycle of the full supply chain. Through high-level financial indicators, gain a synthetic view of the impact of production budgets  against the supply chain.
  • Estimate needed resources to match different physical, logistical, financial and production constraints for alternative production and supply scenario plans.
  • Offer multi-plant balancing criteria in order to reach a shared market goal by optimizing single and multisite operational constraints and capacities.
  • Fine-tune your middle term finite capacity competitive model by syncing your weekly production and supply plans.
  • Simulate and benchmark different tactical scenarios according to your selection of standard KPIs.


What are the Benefits?

  • Improvement of interaction and impact of production budget against the supply chain.
  • Simplification and improved accuracy of resource need estimation.
  • Improved visibility of material needs and supplier capacity.
  • Reservation of supplying capacity.
  • A shared market goal with balanced multi-plant criteria.
  • Fine-tuning of middle-term finite capacity competitive model.
  • Simulation and benchmarking of different tactical scenarios according to a particular selection of standard KPIs.