Support and Train Your workforce in Real Time



Performance Support  is the process that allows companies to support their workforce by supplying a prompt access to information needed to execute assigned tasks. This activity aims at supplying training materials relating to software and business process in real time for all users needing them.
In other words, when your business is dependent on the use of software, the Performance Support process represents a “GPS” for your workforce. 

Skillaware is the electronic performance support system (EPSS) of the sedApta Suite that allows users to learn in the most efficient way while working, how to manage new systems, processes and IT procedures directly at the workspace.
Created to support companies that want to undergo digital transformation projects, Skillaware unites the benefits of Performance Support Systems, Business Process Guidance and Knowledge Management for IT training, accelerating the on boarding and increasing final users’ engagement.

Skillaware is made of five components:

  • SkillBoard, Skillaware’s modeling environment, expert users can:
    • Import business processes defined with BPMN standard notation, both through Orchestrator or manually, and make them available to all users.
    • Manage and store Software S.O.P. (Standard Operational Procedures) in a central and shared repository.
  • SkillEditor, that captures the expert users’ experience in executing S.O.P.  This knowledge is then transferred to new users thanks to the automatic generation and diffusion of: Technical documentation Multi-language videos Software GPS Text-to-Speech Learning Analytics and Performance Dashboards.
  • SkillAgent, helps users “just in time, just enough”, offering a support in real time during the software utilization. Skillaware guides users step-by-step through the procedures and supplies training materials on the specific S.O.P..
  • SkillPortal, that enables users to access the different training materials in off-line mode to exercise over procedures before executing them.
  • SkillAnalyzer environment, as to grant a clear view over performances and results for all the company’s decision makers.

The Skillaware platform has been successfully implemented on Microsoft Dynamics AX e SAP and on other important web applications such as WindChill e Salesforce.


The main features that makes Skillaware the perfect tool for the roll out and the migration of new platforms and software processes are:

  • Modeling and orchestration of processes and IT procedures
  • Users‘ support, anywhere and independently from possessed skills
  • Monitoring and analysis of adoption process and supported IT procedures.


What are the Benefits?

  • Faster uptake and learning of new processes, tasks and software applications
  • Faster and more efficient on boarding of new personnel
  • Reduced customer service costs
  • Improved Change Management process
  • Improved customer experience
  • Decreased training time and costs
  • Decreased documentation time
  • Improved performance and productivity