Web Supply Engine


Suppliers and contractors collaborative management



Web Supply Engine is the sedApta Suite component which manages the communication with external contractors and suppliers, providing a unified environment for work plan collaboration, debating and document managementenabling web collaboration.

Web Supply Engine is made of three modules:

  • Work Plan Collaboration through a module by which the central company shares short- and medium-term plans with external players, particularly contractors and suppliers. The company can also share documentation, CAD drawings, shipping and quality details, price conditions, etc. An efficient notification system is activated to alert relevant players regarding the addition of new important information.
  • Debating through a module by which plan specifics can be shared, allowing for consensual agreement regarding shipping dates, quantities to deliver, price conditions, etc. The module tracks every new action and event within a single discussion. Suppliers’ general conditions are compared in order to make informed decisions.
  • Notification Management through the confirmation or rearrangement of short-term delivery plans in a timely fashion. Notification Management is ensured by continuous production status monitoring on the suppliers’ side and generation of notifications regarding inspection calendars and quality control plans.


The main features that allows WSE to be the perfect tool for the management of communication and collaboration with external contractors and suppliers are:

  • Control and certify access to data, based on the definition of roles inside the organization.
  • Receive and generate automatic real-time notifications regarding any actions or events configured as relevant.
  • Automatically compare various plan revisions in order to focus on relevant variations.
  • Manage documentation, including CAD drawings, quality control plans, and instruction sets, at different aggregation levels (e.g. job order, order header, order row, or delivery row). Update, lock, and revise documentation via a configurable management mechanism.
  • Customize pages, inspection cubes, and internal collaboration workflow according to user group profiles.
  • Upgrade the collaboration network and the user groups through an easily scalable system.



What are the Benefits?

  • Mid-term plan and revenue projection sharing.
  • Easy sharing and dispatching of delivery plans.
  • Prompt reaction to disturbances in the supply chain.
  • Remote production status monitoring.
  • Supplier and contractor evaluation.
  • Remote quality control timing, monitoring, and data collecting.
  • On-line order confirmation.
  • Supply lead time reduction.
  • Stock cost reduction through external warehouse monitoring.